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High Risk Models


Changing the business of modeling

High Risk Modeling - Glamour, Boudoir, Sexy modeling, modeling in skimpy bikinis, and modeling in provocative poses are high-risk and should be avoided. Models who do high-risk modeling crippled their marketability and have a difficult time competing with professional models whom do not make this mistake. Pictures are forever, and cannot be undone!

If a model is under the age of 21, we recommend that they have their parents involved in all aspects of their career, as modeling has dangers and pitfalls that many young people, and especially women, are poorly equipped to recognize and avoid.

We’re going to tell it how it is, and some of you are not going to like it. You need to realize some things, however, before you make mistakes which can undermine your marketability as a model, or make mistakes which can cripple your career. How sad would it be to have the talent and the potential for a successful modeling career, only to have it end before it has a chance to begin?
You need to go in and work your career with a plan. Modeling is a career which takes careful strategy and maintenance. It is not something to jump into and be reckless with.
To expose and define the largest and most costly mistake that many models make, realize that high-risk modeling is for experienced, professional models only, and then only if it is done tastefully, and IF the model wishes to specialize in such work. Models who do high-risk modeling work WILL limit their marketability and their ability to compete with professional mainstream models, in most cases permanently.
New models and aspiring models have absolutely no business doing high-risk modeling work of any kind. As a model, the point is to make yourself as marketable as possible to be able to compete with other models and to book modeling jobs. High-risk modeling work of any kind will limit what you can do as a model. If any photographer tries to convince you to do high-risk work, and that it will be “good” for you career, avoid them, as they either do no know what they are doing, and will do more harm than good for your modeling career, or they are sleazy and are out to take advantage of you, which means that you cannot trust them. Sometimes, it’s both, especially in this age of digital cameras and social media where everyone claims to be a photographer (and it goes for models, too), and, in most cases, they are bad news. New models need to work with established professional photographers who are in business to do work in modeling portfolio photography.
So, what is high-risk modeling? We are glad that you are wondering.
As a rule of thumb, anything “sexy” and provocative should be avoided, but we are going to be more specific here.
High-risk modeling is, but is not limited to:

1. Glamour modeling
Glamour modeling, which includes artistic nudes, is basically sexy modeling in various stage of undress where the model is objectified as a sex object. Glamour modeling is often a doorway to adult entertainment. We watched in horror back in 2001 when a very beautiful model worked with the wrong photographers in the Tampa Bay area after posting some pictures on a free portfolio networking site, did glamour, transitioned into adult entertainment, tried to kill herself, and then later walked away from everything. Although she survived, she found out the hard way that she could not take down what is out there, and now has to live with her mistakes. Most glamour photographers, in our opinion, exploit women, and are dangerous to work with.
Many new photographers and GWC’s (Guy With Cameras) do glamour photography because they want to take pictures of beautiful women in various stages of undress. Many of them also use the material that they create from such work for personal gratification, if you get our drift.
Many women would be horrified if someone was invading their privacy by leering at them, looking down their tops, trying to get them to take off their clothes, watching them change clothes, or come up behind them and take pictures of their underwear with shoe cameras, but the irony is that many willingly allow such exploitation by the same people when those people claim to be photographers, even though they material is being used the same way. Think about it. Do you want some stranger taking sexy pictures of you, touching themselves when they look at the pictures, and uploading them to the Internet? Don’t be an idiot.

2. Boudoir modeling
Modeling in lingerie, underwear, and in sexy bedroom settings is boudoir modeling. This, too, will limit the marketability of a model.
While boudoir photography of women and couple may be fine for the consumer market with a professional photographer who does it tastefully, and for private, personal use, in modeling, it’s dangerous.

3. Modeling in skimpy bikinis
Models should use caution when modeling swimwear, especially when it comes to skimpy bikinis. Consider the context. A few years ago in the Tampa Bay market, there was a late night infomercial for a 900 line with models gyrating around in bikinis. In other incidents in the Tampa Bay area, photographers took pictures of models in skimpy bikinis, which the models were led to believe were safe, and those pictures were sold to companies which used them to market 900 sex chat lines. The models, whom would not have been cool with their pictures being taken out of context and used in this way, had signed releases, however, and could not do anything about it.
When modeling swimsuits, models need to make sure that the pictures are tasteful, and that they cannot be easily taken out of context. They also need to clarify how those pictures will be used. As a rule of thumb, if those swimsuit pictures would make you uncomfortable if you were to show your parents, don’t do them.

4. Modeling in provocative poses
This is all about context, or modeling pictures which can be easily taken out of context. Modeling in jeans and a T-shirt may be fine in most circumstances, but when done with the model on their hands and knees in a provocative composition, it becomes high-risk. A fully dressed model liking ice cream off of a straw could also be taken out of context. Good taste is the key here.
As a rule of thumb, consider your target market for your modeling career and the types of modeling jobs that you want to book. Would the picture reflect poorly on you, and cost you work if the modeling job saw it? Don’t do it if it is questionable.

Remember that pictures are literally forever. Once high-risk modeling photographs are taken and used online, that is it. They cannot be undone, and they will limit what a model can do. The best prevention is not to do high-risk modeling work at all.
Of course, this does not mean that high-risk modeling is not legitimate. It’s just that models need to understand, and accept, the limitations that doing this kind of work will impose upon them.

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