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Independent Modeling section navigation threads and main content area. All content is copyrighted, and may not be referenced without citing, and linking to, the source on our web site. All content, which includes modeling job leads,  is traceable, and we verify web traffic and the source of our information. Independent Modeling is a resource site for independent and agency-represented models who wish to enhance the marketability of their modeling careers, as well as have an advantage over limited models; those limited models being agency-only models who do not think for themselves, do not invest in their career, and allow modeling agencies to manage them, and to tell them what to do. Other limited models include models who try to put together competent professional modeling portfolios for free, using TFP, and who try to compete against professional models with cheap career tools. The independent models who use Independent Modeling are smart, professional models who know enough that to have an advantage over other models, that they have to invest in their careers. Independent Modeling is NOT a modeling and talent agency, and we do not claim to be. We do not directly refer models into modeling jobs for financial compensation, and do not represent models. Independent Modeling is not intended to be used for any advice, which includes legal advice, and any advice which can only be legally given by a licensed professional in a regulated profession. For information, and reference, only! Use at your own risk.


Changing the business of modeling

At the time of this writing, which is 11 October 2012, we are trying to get this new Independent Modeling web site online, so our Modeling Industry Risks section, including our new Risk Analysis Database (RAD), is offline and is on standby. It will be online later in 2012.
Until then, we have published enough information to warn models, and others in the industry, on what to look for, and what to avoid. Because we care.

10/11/12 - When Independent Modeling first launched in late 2001, we wouldn’t even get into the negative aspects of the modeling industry. That did not last long, however, as there are a lot of scams and risks in the modeling industry. By 2003, we launched our first scam analysis database, which was followed by a 2nd generation scam analysis database on sister site Tampa Bay Modeling in 2005. In 2008, we began working on a 3rd generation modeling scam analysis database which was context sensitive, and now, we are on our 4th generation analysis database for 2012, with the scams being one part of the new Risk Analysis Database (RAD).
It was realized that there were many risks to the modeling career that models encountered which were not actually scams, but rather things which could undermine, cripple, or conflict with their careers, so our scam definitions were expanded to include those risks. It is our objective to help models recognize and avoid risks to their modeling careers, and if some risk cannot be avoided, to help them limit the overall risk. It was also revealed that models were not always innocent, and that models, businesses, and photographers could be scammed by each other, so the database and tools were expanded to include models, photographers, and the businesses which booked them, lending balance to the industry.
Unlike the first Scam Analysis Databases (SAD), which simply listed the scam by their name and then the definition, our new Risk Analysis Database (RAD), which contains a comprehensive Scam Analysis Database (SAD) as one of its components, is much more intuitive and easier to use than what came before. Our Risk Analysis Database comes with a scenario-based front-end, a segue array, a definition database linking to definition synopses, more detailed content, and countermeasures and ways to fight back, and a term-based back-end which could be accessed at any time.

The party which has the most to gain from any arrangement, which includes jobs, is the one with the leverage to make the others sign agreements. If they do not sign, they do not work with you, and it is more their loss than it is yours.

WARNING: Be very careful about modeling underage! Teen modeling can be bad news, and 99% of anything which is specifically marketed as “teen modeling” is NOT recommended. We have never seen a teen modeling web site which is good for the model, as these web sites are often used as a legal form of something which is highly illegal, and it is in the same context, which is bad. Do not support the exploitation of children. Teen modeling web sites, where underage girls model age-inappropriately, will hurt the models, their self esteem, and any chance that they have of having a modeling career later. It does pay, but the cost is too high in other areas. Do not sell yourself out!

WARNING: High-risk activity limits marketability. Unless you are specifically in business in the following areas of the modeling industry, avoid them, as they will conflict with most of the work that you will be able to do and business that you will be able to book. New models, photographers, and businesses have no business attempting high-risk work until they gain some experience, understand that their marketability will be limited by high-risk work, and decide that they want to specialize in high-risk work. High-risk work includes, but is not limited to, glamour, boudoir, lingerie, pin-up, skimpy bikinis, provocative poses, nudes, and any work which may be inappropriate and which can be easily taken out of context. In the United States, we do have the right of free speech, but free speech does not excuse poor taste or work which conflicts with the marketing to our target market. If you do work which conflicts with the tastes of your target market, and they see it, you will not book work. It’s that simple. If you do high-risk work, and book mainstream work where your likeness is being used to represent a product or a service, and you do not disclose conflicts before booking the job, you can be held legally liable for lost revenue and costs if they find out. In business, we cannot recklessly go out and do whatever we want to do. The only way to compete is to make yourself as marketable as possible.

CAUTION: Every element of a photograph or a creative property must be cleared for copyright usage. This includes tattoos on models, which are copyrighted by the artist. Models who have tattoos make it harder for them to compete with other models, as they limit their marketability because they are generally locked into one look, the need for more editing work, and because of potential copyright conflicts.

WARNING TO MODELS: Most modeling scams are modeling job scams. Never buy anything sold by anyone advertising a modeling jobs. Always use a limited release, which is included in a pay voucher, and restricts the right of usage of images and your likeness unless you are paid in full. If any modeling jobs insists on full usage of your pictures, get paid, in full, before the job begins, and make sure that all terms and conditions are agreed to before booking. Also, the more rights that they have for usage, the more that they have to pay.

WARNING TO PHOTOGRAPHERS: Most photographer scams are job scams where models and businesses try to get free services from you under the pretense of paying you for those services. Don’t offer TFP/TFCD to any model who is in the market for a portfolio, as you will be giving away the store, they will take advantage of you, and they will not respect you or your work; you will never have a business this way. Never release image files, or permission to use images, until you are paid in full. Never book a job or work without a signed, written agreement covering the terms, conditions, payment, usage rights, and a waiver of liability. Always book with a deposit, and make that deposit non refundable. When working with models, get paid, in full, before beginning work (at the start of the shoot, when the model fills out your service agreement). Paid in full does not include being paid with a check or by credit card, as checks can be bad, and credit cards can be charged back. If paid by check or charge, withhold the images and the rights for at least 10 working days, as paid in full means that the check has cleared, or the credit card transaction is good. Also, keep in mind that many states have consumer laws in which the consumer can change their minds and obtain a refund; wait for at least three days, or longer, from the time that they book and the time that you perform the photography service. Also, please be familiar with your local consumer, business, and regulated laws.

WARNING TO BUSINESSES: Job scams are the ones to worry about. Make sure that the model or photographer does their job to your satisfaction before paying them.


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