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Independent Modeling section navigation threads and main content area. All content is copyrighted, and may not be referenced without citing, and linking to, the source on our web site. All content, which includes modeling job leads,  is traceable, and we verify web traffic and the source of our information. Independent Modeling is a resource site for independent and agency-represented models who wish to enhance the marketability of their modeling careers, as well as have an advantage over limited models; those limited models being agency-only models who do not think for themselves, do not invest in their career, and allow modeling agencies to manage them, and to tell them what to do. Other limited models include models who try to put together competent professional modeling portfolios for free, using TFP, and who try to compete against professional models with cheap career tools. The independent models who use Independent Modeling are smart, professional models who know enough that to have an advantage over other models, that they have to invest in their careers. Independent Modeling is NOT a modeling and talent agency, and we do not claim to be. We do not directly refer models into modeling jobs for financial compensation, and do not represent models. Independent Modeling is not intended to be used for any advice, which includes legal advice, and any advice which can only be legally given by a licensed professional in a regulated profession. For information, and reference, only! Use at your own risk.


Modeling Job Scam Alert - Models are needed for major department store fashion shows!

Modeling Job Scams - The scam at a glance -

1. To be eligible for consideration of any modeling job, the model must be an experienced professional model who already has a modeling portfolio and composite cards! ANY modeling job offer which tries to sell services to models who respond to the advertisement is a modeling job scam. They trick models into responding, and models cannot trust them if they use dishonest tactics in an attempt to sell them useless, overpriced services that they do not need!

2. Advertisements for modeling jobs are done by modeling businesses who are unable to make money doing business as advertised by referring models into the advertised modeling job. It is important to find out how they make their money, because that will be where their true motivation will be. In order ro make money referring models into modeling jobs, the modeling business has to be a licensed modeling and talent agency. In Florida, if they are not a modeling agency, and they attempt to make money by referring models into the modeling jobs that they advertise, they are breaking the law, and conducting an illegal business. It is a felony in this case.

3. Deceptive advertising is done to lure models into buying overpriced services that the modeling business is really offering. The models are not aware that these services are being sold until they visit the business to be considered for the modeling job. The model is then told that they are not eligible for the modeling job and cannot be referred until after the model buys expensive modeling services from the modeling business. This is a bait and switch, because the model was lured in with a false and misleading premise! Unless the modeling job is real, and the model can be referred to it, it is fraud, which is another felony. Bait and switch is a deceptive trade practice, which is fraud. Fraud is a felony. Can you trust a business which has to trick you to get your business by advertising something that they are not really selling?

4. Many advertisements for modeling jobs state that "no experience is neccessary". No legitimate modeling job is going to ever book an inexperienced, new model into a modeling job, or "discover them", especially when the modeling job is a fashion show, which are only appropriate for experienced professional models. The modeling business will claim to the aspiring model that they can give them the neccessary experience, but this is not possible, as the required modeling experience is only possible by working as a model over a period of time, with a variety of booked modeling jobs. It is possible for a photography company to give a model the modeling portfolio and the composite cards that they need to book modeling jobs, but experience has to be earned by working with many different modeling jobs, and no company can give a model the experience that is needed for high level jobs such as fashion shows, regardless of the training that they offer. Models should gain experience by working modeling print jobs such as catalog modeling, and work their way up to the higher profile modeling jobs.

5. Some modeling job scams are modeling job offers made directly by the modeling business. NThis used to the main modeling job scam type, with the modeling job scam offering a modeling job and then selling the models services instead. There is no referal to the modeling job, no money has to be made for the referal, but there is another flaw with this simplier modeling job scam. Legitimate modeling jobs are only offered to professional models who alread have modeling portfolios, composite cards, and experience. No legitimate modeling job is going to consider, or book, new models whjo are in the market for modeing portfolios or modeling services that are needed to start a modeling career. A qualified, experienced model is not in the market for any services that have to be paid for. A legitimate modeling job will NEVER require the model to pay for anything, and will consider the model for the job without any attemot to sell them anything. If you go to any modeling job go-see interview and are pitched services, or told that your modeling portfolio needs work and that you must buy services from them in order to be considered, it IS A SCAM!

6. Modeling agencies are not permitted to sell the models any services. They are only allowed to make money by booking the models who they represent into modeling jobs.

7. A modeling consultation business, model manager, modeling placement business, or modeling company is unable to make money referring models into modeling jobs unless they licensed as a modeling and talent agency. If they are licensed as a modeling agency, they will advertise themselves as an agency. These modeling scams lure models in with the promise of a modeling job, and sell them overpriced, useless services instead.

Modeling Job Scams - Detailed Modeling Scam Analysis - Modeling scams often use modeling job offers or the promise of modeling jobs to bait models into buying what they are selling or to set up models to be taken advantage of. Modeling job scams often bait models with modeling jobs which may not actually exist, and the existence of the modeling job cannot be verified because the information is withheld. Even after the model is scammed, the model may not ever know if the modeling job was real to begin with. Another common tactic is for the modeling job scam to hijack, or steal, the information for modeling job offers from sources such as modeling job boards on modeling resource web sites. Although the Independent Modeling modeling job board has been enhanced with countermeasures to discourage the abuse of our board, other modeling job boards on other sites are raided often. Models, please note that anyone who pays to advertise a modeling job, or who advertises a modeling job as a third-party "referral service", is likely trying to scam you. Modeling agencies do not spend money to advertise modeling jobs; they refer their modeling job leads to the models who they represent directly, and make money referring models to the modeling job. Additionally, agencies have plenty of models, and if they are doing a modeling search, they would advertise as a modeling agency and not as a business offering modeling jobs. We have NEVER seen any modeling job advertised on the radio, on television, or in a print ad turn out to be a legitimate modeling job. The modeling job ads, which are used as bait to lure aspiring models and other models into a modeling scam, are often vague, using provocative wording such as "fashion shows", "calendar modeling", and "major department stores" to attract their victims. Also consider that, in many states, such as Florida, you have to be a licensed modeling and talent agency before you are allowed to make any money referring models into modeling jobs. Also, in many states, a licensed modeling and talent agency is not allowed, by law, to sell modeling portfolio photography services, modeling classes, or any modeling development services that a model would have to pay for (even if it is not illegal, it would be a conflict of interest, a deceptive trade practice, and therefore a scam). In Florida, it is a felony to offer services as a modeling and talent agency without a license (make money by referring models into modeling jobs and represent models). If it is an advertised modeling job which the advertising party is referring models to, and they paid to advertise the offer, then the context is that the party is in business to make money referring models to the advertised modeling job. This is misleading, and fraud, if they are actually selling services instead, and it is illegal if they are trying to operate as a modeling agency without a license. While it is possible to refer models to a modeling job free of charge, any model can find the same modeling jobs on their own and refer themselves without paying anyone a dime. Additionally, no business is going to work for free, and if they do claim to find models jobs and to refer them free of charge, then there is no incentive for them to follow through on their promises after the model buys whatever that they are selling. Another point is that if it is a modeling development services, or if they are really selling modeling portfolio photography services, then they should be straight-up with what they are selling instead of advertising modeling jobs which they are unable to legally refer models to and make money doing so.

If you are offering a modeling job, beware of modeling job scams which may use your modeling job offer to bait models with. They will conceal your contact information in an attempt to force models into going through them to find out more about the job. Models are then tricked into buying whatever services that they are selling in order to find out more about your modeling job and to be referred to you. Do not allow modeling job scams use your modeling job information to bait models into a modeling scam! Verify the source of any referral before you consider any models, and if you are not associated with the party which is doing the referral, let the model know. Only consider models who contact you through modeling job boards that you directly posted for. Make sure that all modeling job board posts publish your contact information so that models are not forced to buy services that the modeling job board may be selling. Independent Modeling sells modeling portfolio photography, composite cards, and modeling development tools on our web site. We do not, however, require any models to buy any service in order to use our modeling job board, and we publish all contact information submitted to our modeling job board so that models are not obligated to contact us, or to buy anything. This is legitimate, and it is a professional, and ethical way to help models find genuine modeling job leads. The modeling jobs can be verified, and since the modeling job offer is fully disclosed, our obligation is fulfilled; our lead for modeling jobs is already there, and the model does not have any conditions held over their head to take advantage of the modeling job lead. If you are offering a modeling job and do not check source references, you may be enabling a modeling job scam to turn your modeling job offer into a scam. If you knowingly permit a modeling job scam to use your modeling job lead to bait models, you could be held liable, and may be an accomplice to fraudulent business activity.

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