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New Models


Changing the business of modeling

It is important that new models learn as much as possible about the modeling industry before they get started. There are plenty of modeling books and web sites available to study. Of course, one thing to beware of is the one thing that many of these books and web sites have in common: They promote the myth that the modeling agency is required to have a career as a professional model.
The agency-centric myth is repeated often by players in the industry who really do not know what they are doing, as well as by those in the industry who try to control models. Models who are controlled by others, and who allow themselves to be controlled by others, allow their careers to be limited.
Independent Modeling is a modeling resource site with lots of good, relevant information for new models, as well as career resources and tools. Because we think for ourselves and do not promote the old-industry propaganda that the “agency way is the only way”, like everyone else does, this also makes us the best source of information about modeling online today. We don’t follow. We lead.
The bottom line is that a modeling agency is a middleman. They are one of many sources of modeling job leads, and that is it. They are supposed to work for the models whom they represent. That’s fine. The problem is when the agency oversteps their appropriate boundaries and, instead of humbly working to find work for models, they try to tell models what to do and manage them. This is like an employee telling their employer what to do. Modeling agencies managing models is, frankly, a conflict of interest, and the reason that this is a conflict of interest is that the agency also works for the competition of the model, whom are other models who are also represented by the agency. Would you want your employee working for your competition, selling them, while giving you advice and telling you what to do? We did not think so. This conflict of interest leads to unethical conduct, and outright misconduct, where an agency can play favorites, manipulate models, and limit them. Don’t allow agencies to have power over you, especially when there is no reason to trust them.
The modeling agency being seen as the only way to be a model is an old-industry supported misconception which enables modeling scams. This business model, which is flawed, is a closed market model, pun intended, where the agency is seen as the gatekeeper to the industry. Anyone who tells a model that they have to go through an agency, and have to be dependent upon an agency, either does not know what they are doing, or is trying to mislead the model. An open market is superior to a closed market, and this is a business fact. Models should not allow themselves to be limited by being dependent upon an agency to get work and to have a modeling career. Besides, a model is an independent contractors who is a self-contained business by definition. A model should be able to find and book work on their own, as well as maintain representation by several legitimate modeling agencies as one of many sources of modeling job leads. By their very nature, an independent freelance model is superior to a limited agency-only model, and have the agency models outgunned in every way. An agency model cannot compete with an independent model. The independent model, by finding and booking work independent of an agency, proves their worth as a model while cutting out the agency middleman. The agency, which loses money by being cut out of the loop, will work that much harder to find and book the independent model into jobs before the model can do so on their own, because they do not want to lose out on commission. In this new model/ agency dynamic, everyone wins but the models who allow themselves to be dependent upon the agency for work. As a result, the ignorant agency-exclusive models are also forced to take the initiative and become independent models, as they are unable to compete by allowing themselves to be dependent upon the modeling agency. Agency models who fail to adapt tot he new conditions of the industry will find themselves out of a career, which is a risk that they cannot take because the shelf life of most models is limited. Likewise, models should never limit themselves by signing an exclusive representation arrangement with any agency, and the models should obtain representation from as many agencies as possible, and make them compete with each other and work harder to find them modeling work.
A professional independent model must be honorable, however. If a job is acquired through an agency, the agency needs to be kept in the loop and paid commission. An agency which is stiffed out of pay will quit working for the model and quit finding them work, and we don’t blame them. Be professional and honor your obligations. Pay the help.
Because of the potential conflicts, a model should never allow an agency to give them advice, to sell them services, or to refer them to anyone offering services. A modeling agency is only supposed to make money by referring models into modeling jobs that they book. A modeling agency is not supposed to make money by selling the model services or making money referring models to services that the model has to pay for. Since models whom go to agencies for possible representation are a captive market, especially new models just getting started, it is far easier to sell the models services or to make money referring the models to services than to do what the agency is supposed to do, which is get work for the model. Modeling agency scams work this way, by stating or implying that they will get work for the model, and then they never do because they make money selling things to models. The promise of the modeling jobs is used as bait, and the model is out of money and does not get work. This is misleading, it is fraud, and it would make the agency a scam.
The only way to ensure that the modeling agency does what they are supposed to, which is find and book models into jobs, is to avoid buying anything from an agency or buying anything from anyone whom they refer you to. This is the only way to make sure that the agency is not running a scam. Besides, the agency is not in business to sell services to the model, and are not nearly as qualified to evaluate such services.
New models are in need of services, and need to go to the proper source of the services that they need. For a new model, this would be a modeling portfolio and composite cards, and for that, they need a professional photographer who specializes in modeling portfolio photography and designing composite cards.

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The agency way is no longer the only way of having a professional career as a model. There is no arguing against common-sense and proven business practices. Modern professional models think for themselves, network, and book work both as independent models and by using agencies as one of many sources of jobs. This is the future of the modeling industry.

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