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Independent Modeling section navigation threads and main content area. All content is copyrighted, and may not be referenced without citing, and linking to, the source on our web site. All content, which includes modeling job leads,  is traceable, and we verify web traffic and the source of our information. Independent Modeling is a resource site for independent and agency-represented models who wish to enhance the marketability of their modeling careers, as well as have an advantage over limited models; those limited models being agency-only models who do not think for themselves, do not invest in their career, and allow modeling agencies to manage them, and to tell them what to do. Other limited models include models who try to put together competent professional modeling portfolios for free, using TFP, and who try to compete against professional models with cheap career tools. The independent models who use Independent Modeling are smart, professional models who know enough that to have an advantage over other models, that they have to invest in their careers. Independent Modeling is NOT a modeling and talent agency, and we do not claim to be. We do not directly refer models into modeling jobs for financial compensation, and do not represent models. Independent Modeling is not intended to be used for any advice, which includes legal advice, and any advice which can only be legally given by a licensed professional in a regulated profession. For information, and reference, only! Use at your own risk.



Terms And Conditions Of Use For Independent Modeling, a professional entertainment industry career web site for models, photographers, and the businesses who book them.

Adopted on August 25, 2006.

If you wish to use this site as a professional resource, you must read and agree to this.

This web site is a resource for professionals, and we do retain and exercise certain legal rights. All of the material on this site, whether it is in the form of images, text, design, ideas, concepts, or resources, are protected by federal copyright laws. Images and text, in whole or part, may not be copied, reproduced, or exchanged without our express written permission. We have a certain legal license which permits the career professional to use our legal forms, providing certain conditions are met. If a model and talent agency or talent manager wishes to use these properties, they must write us for permission. Legal forms may not be reverse engineered, or modified, in any way. If any party does not comply with these terms, they may be subject to a copyright infringement lawsuit that begins with collateral damages of a $250,000.00 fine, imprisonment, or worse. All of our material is encrypted with Pandora technology. Pandora technology enables evidence that will be admissible in a court of law if any party decides to reverse engineer, alter, or otherwise take our intellectual property and pass it off as their own, or attempt to use it a fashion that circumvents the legal conditions imposed on the content of this site. We will aggressively protect and maintain our rights. Those rights are what makes a resource like this web site possible. All other properties are legally enabled providing it is in the context of professional Internet viewing ONLY.

The legal license which permits the use of our legal forms and properties comes with the following conditions:

The party using these resources is a professional. The professional referenced must not have an exclusive arrangement with any talent agency, mother agency, or manager. Exclusive contracts must be legally dissolved before using our properties, as such usage is a direct conflict of interest.

Forms may be printed and used one at a time. The professional may not do mass printings and stockpile paperwork generated by this site. This is not strictly in our best interest, but the interest of the professional, too. Due to the changing nature of this industry, material on this site may be updated without any warning. If the professional were to stockpile print-outs, there is a good chance that their forms would be outdated as they were being used. If we discover flaws in any of our material over the course of time, we will make corrections and upload updates without warning or notice.

The format or text of the form may not be changed in ANY way. This means that we recommend skipping the word processor and printing the form directly from the web site. If any errors are noted, such as typos, we need to know about it. We will correct errors as they are discovered, so that the forms are print-perfect from the web.
Copyright information on the forms may not be altered or removed. Each page must have our copyright on it. This includes ANY information concerning our site name or references to our web site address. Removing this information is considered altering our property, and is a direct violation of the license governing the use of our intellectual property.

Forms and paperwork can not be saved onto the hard drive of any computer. All forms MUST be printed "as-is" from the web site browser, with the URL information intact on the print-out.

We can not be held legally responsible for the use or misuse of any of our intellectual properties. Printing, reading, viewing, and use of our properties is a consent to these terms, and waives us from any and all legal liability. This includes information presented on this site, business referrals to other companies, and legal forms. Our legal forms are in actual use by professionals, and we have had no knowledge of any legal issues that have arisen from their use. As such, we recommend, that, if in doubt, please consult an attorney who specializes in entertainment, business, or copyright law.

We can not, and will not, be liable for any business referrals. Businesses that we recommend are ones that are recommended by the professionals who advise us. To the best of our knowledge, all business referrals are all highly recommended by a majority of professionals. As such, once you begin dealing with them, we are no longer a part of any business transactions that you conduct.

We can not, and will not, be liable for any job offers contracted through our job or audition boards. We do not have the time to check out the audition or job notices that are sent to us, and all offers are unconfirmed. It is the responsibility of the professional to do their homework before contacting the companies responsible for the audition or job offer. We have articles on how to set up meetings, perform background checks, check business references, and negotiate terms in our Features section. Please study these articles and use the information. As we are NOT an agency, we do not employ bookers, and do not make money through booked referrals. The audition or job board is a free resource for companies offering jobs and professionals seeking them. This said, we reserve the right to refuse or reject any job or audition posting that is obviously unethical in nature, and we will not knowingly post any offers for nude or pornographic work. We will not post job offers known to be scams. Refusal to post a job or audition notice does not imply that it is a scam, is unprofessional, or may be unethical; it simply means that it was not right for the board. We reserve the right to edit or remove posts at any time, without warning. All submitted material, including audition or job posts and E-mails, become the property of our web site, and may not be copied or re posted from our site to another site unless the posting company does so on their own. If we see an audition or job post from our site on another, we will contact the posting company to confirm. If they did not post to the site, we will launch a copyright infringement lawsuit against the site that stole our content.

The professional agrees that reviews of services and companies present on this site are unbiased and objective, and that stated facts are verifiable by direct observation at the time that the review is written. Use our reviews as a footnote, and do not rely on them exclusively to determine the contracting of a service or company. All parties viewing the contents of this site waive us from any and all claims of libel, slander, and defamation of character. Material on this site are opinions by professionals, and may not be used as a basis for a defamation lawsuit. Any scam patterns that describe anyone or any business are purely coincidental, as we make no direct claims about any party, and stick to the patterns observed throughout the industry.

Anyone posting any information on our site or submitting a reference agrees to be listed within our TALON Talent Online reference contact database and agrees to the terms and conditions of being listed in that database. They agree to allow us to rate them using the TALON rating system with our guidelines as a reference and not actual policy. We reserve the right place parties in any and all database categories that we deem relevant.
Anyone not happy with their TALON reference rating is encourage to have professionals send in references in order to raise their rating. The TALON reference rating is a dynamic process, and will be affected by professional reference recommendations as well as complaints.
Anyone wishing to be removed from the TALON database may not, at our discretion, be allowed to participate with anything in the database or on our sites in the future. They should realize that their competition, however, will remain and benefit from being in the database.

Privacy security

All talent featured on this site have been briefed about information security. Featured talent on this site have not been endorsed by us as the best in their field, and may have verifiable professional references to support their listed qualifications. We are not liable for any actions, activities, or business transactions that these professionals do. Contacting any party listed on our site or within the TALON Database waives us from any and all legal liability. Talent may be removed from this site, at our discretion, for any reason at any time, and without warning. As such, unprofessional contact with any talent featured on this site will not be tolerated. Any complaints by talent will be followed up on and researched. Everyone who visits this site has an unique signature left on our logs called a IP address. This signature contains information which reveals your identity and your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Stalking and harassment of talent will not be tolerated, and offenders will be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. As of October, 2003, Florida Cyber Stalking laws went into effect, and these laws offer protection to talent on the Internet. These talent are professionals, and will be respected as such.
Personal information on this site may have been altered to protect the identities presented.

Non compete notification

This site is intended to be a professional career resource. It is not our intention to compete with any other online resource site. We are not in competition with any agency or licensed agent. We are a supplement, rather than a competitor. We are not a talent agency, do not book talent, and we are not licensed to conduct business as a talent agency. We cannot represent talent, nor can we book work for them. We are a resource and referral tool ONLY. It is our recommendation that talent learn from this site and represent themselves.

Professional Opinions

Information on this site consist of opinions by industry professionals, and viewing this information waives us from any and all claims of legal, libel, invasion of privacy, and defamation of character. Viewing this web site and using the information waives our sources of any and all legal liability as well. Our sources, unless identified by us and at our discretion, are confidential. Any information, descriptions, or scam patterns that describe anyone or any business are purely coincidental, as we make no direct claims about any party, and stick to the patterns observed throughout the industry. Opinions and information presented on this site is constitutionally protected under free speech.

Grievances And Professional Dispute Policy

It is our policy to use courts and lawsuits only as a last resort. If anyone disagrees with anything on this site, they are free to dispute it. We will listen to claims, and through an arbitration process we will evaluate the information in dispute. If we are incorrect, we will correct the information and issue an apology. If the arbitration over the Internet cannot be resolved, then it may become a legal matter in a court of law. At that time, all correspondence will be forwarded to and used by our attorney.


This is a professional career resource for the use of talent, production professionals, and businesses. Use of the material on this site is not intended to be regulated, unless it is a conflict of interest, a misrepresentation, or against the law. Our overhead is paid by sponsors. We have an agreement in place, however, that does not obligate us to endorse our sponsors unconditionally. Our sponsors are subject to the same treatment and scrutiny as any other company. While we may have banners for them on throughout this site, if they were not up to par, we reserve the right to remove that banner without consequence. Favoritism and bias would undermine our journalistic integrity as well as our credibility as a useful professional resource. As such, competitors of our sponsors are allowed fair and unbiased reviews and endorsements from the industry professionals who advise us. Regardless of what we do, in the end, our sponsors are committed to the funding of this site and the support of its development. That level of commitment from our sponsors is a testament to the artistic and professional integrity of sponsors that we are all very proud to be associated with. No party using this site is obligated, under any circumstances, to buy or purchase and product or service advertised on this site.

Advertisements for our sponsors are not unethical or a conflict of interest unless it is misrepresented as an endorsement. If any party contacts a sponsor and indicates that they were referred by this site, our sponsor is obligated to inform them that they sponsor this site so a conflict of interest does not occur.

UPDATED 11/29/06

POSTED 08/25/06


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